Monday, April 16, 2007


whoops...this has been edited to explain
that today, unfortunately, is not my birthday.
i only said that i was 36 at the beginning of this
post in order to point out how damned old i am
to be finally hitting this normally 16-year-old
acheivement....heehee...sorry for the confusion

i am 36 years old.
i have done the written test
for my driver's license
every year since i turned sixteen.

i have never done the actual driver's test.

until today.

and he passed me.
he really really passed me.
even though i sat at two red lights
that i knew i could turn right on
but froze.

even though my backing up
was nothing short of
and i had a
stress induced giggle fit
in the middle of
said backing up experience.


it seems very surreal at the moment.
like yeah, ok, i have this
but that doesn't mean that i can really
go out and get in the car and drive somewhere
by myself, right???



Bridget said...

Happy birthday! And congrats on the license-you now have freedom! (to drive around out there with the worst. drivers. anywhere in canada)(my relatives, mainly)

I hope this year brings you much peace and joy, my friend.

(and you are 19 days older than me!)

BendingPeak said...

Happy Birthday.
Congrats on passing your drivers test!

gkgirl said...

i think i may have
misrepresented myself...
my birthday is not today
but in september...
i was only meaning to
point out how old i am
to NOT have licence...
but thanks for the wishes

Bridget said...

Oh you silly girl. I thought I had already given you a birthday wish this winter. I'm still glad you finally went and got your present and you are still older than me so there! Can we still throw a party?

gkgirl said...

you betcha!
i'm thinking about posting
it in the paper...
gkgirl finally gets license...

deirdre said...

Yay for you!! You're going to love the freedom.

Deb R said...

Wow, congrats! That's exciting!!

mariannealice said...

happy licence!
Now, don't drive too fast...and no long haired boys in your car...and turn that music down would you, we're not deaf ...gracious, dear lord was that a red light you just went through and just how fast are you going?!!!
(now wouldn't I make just the most perfect passenger...)

daisies said...

now you can hop in a car and drive across canada and come and visit me ...

hee hee

: )

congratulations hon!! you so own the road now :)

(and to let you know i FINALLy got your package in the mail so hopefully you'll get it very soon)

telfair said...

Oh my GOD is right! I would be so stressed out if I had to take an actual driving test. I mean, I took one when I was a teenager, to get my license originally, but I don't know how I passed it. I don't perform well under stress. I only passed through the grace and kind heartedness of my first driving instructor who looked like Papa Smurf. Congratulations!!

Jessie said...

WOw!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Even though you are no longer 16, the next thing you need to do is drive around and pick up all of your friends--just because you can! Well, I think that's what I did anyway. :)-

Good job!!! This post put a full-on smile on my face. :)

acumamakiki said...