Thursday, February 01, 2007

poetry thursday, a variation.

the prompt was math,
possibly using math as an explanation,
using math to provide a proof.

being the math-repellant
girl that i am,
this is what i got
as the sum of my equations:

you offer me
infinite truth.

(infinite being
greater than any finite
no matter how large)

how can i wrap
my head around that?
she muttered into her

persuaded into love
by equations
bigger than herself...

backed into customary corners
familiar cap in hand
waiting for the elusive
ray of light
to show she understands.

and there she remains
in the
of being


DewyKnickers said...

Does love always = being lost? Trust gets lost in the rapid shuffling of numbers, infinite lives.

I like your poem. :)


ecm said...

very nice...i especially like how she mutters into her soup

Dennis said...

Whoa! You hit the prompt out of the park with this poem!
You’ve captured the unknowable un-quantifiable quality of love! This is sooooo cool! I especially love: “persuaded into love by equations bigger than herself...” and “and there she remains lost in the state of being equated.” Damn.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Yup, very profound here... we use all these huge words to describe truth and love but really, they are only as finite as ourselves...

gautami tripathy said...

One good maths poem as any!Keep it up!

DStraight Curves.

twilightspider said...

You've taken math fear and created a poem about fear of love.

Perfectly appropriate.

Lovely execution.

Poet with a Day Job said...

Excellent poem from someone "claiming" to be math-repellant. Nice work!

Jessica said...

I love the play on words with the infinite/finite and again with equate at the end.

Who knew math was so deep?

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this poem. Thanks!

la vie en rose said...

you go girl! this is fabulous!

kristen said...

perfection, truly.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Yes...yes...yes...the tangible details like the soup and the familiar cap in hand--these sink me right into the poem past my own math aversion. Beautiful.

beth said...

very, very good.

blackdaisies said...

oh wow ~ i like it a whole lot :)

really beautiful!!