Thursday, January 25, 2007

poetry thursday, the essay.

Why I love 153 words or less
by [a geeky girl]

i'm wordy,
giggly and girly...
lost in awe,
in space
and in time...
you take me away
with your rhythms and rhyme.

you beat
and i follow.

you are subtle and soft,
you are just out of my reach...
you are wily and sly,
impossible to teach
myself to just let go,
to follow your flow,
to allow myself to feel
without always having to know

(what you mean)

and then there you are
again in my ear
crude and obnoxious
spouting things i don't want to hear
and yet, i can't force myself to look away
because you have caught me
in your rhythm, you have caught me
in your sway.

and so
in one hundred and
twenty two words,
i stay.


Anias Nin said...

This is so wonderful. I'm smiling. I needed that. So, thank you.

writerwoman said...

A beautiful description of the art we love.

blackbank said...

I like the rhythm of this, and the sound of it, and the meaning of it. BB

la vie en rose said...

this is FABULOUS!!!! it's one of my favorite things you've written. you made me smile...and dance a little in my chair. :)

Norma said...

This has so many wonderful lines and twists. Terrific job.

Here's mine.

Whirling Dervish said...

Hi GK-

Love your rhyme in this one! Sometimes the rhyme gets me "off rythm", but this time, it works beautifully.

Cool that we both noted the word count- :)


daisies said...

absolutely wonderful

this makes me happy, smiley and oh so joyous : )

wendy said...

You are becoming very sharp and well honed. Spot on last stanza.

Bravo, you!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a fun dance ... I wanted to twirl and swirl through your entire poem! Very fun, JP

Anonymous said...

You are talented.

I love this one.

(and I noticed that you might join in on the group reading of the new book by Julia Cameron- I hope you do! I'm going to read it too, I'm so excited.

Clockworkchris said...

Well, as I came to return the favor of commenting I decided to look over the site a little before I read. Lots of links, Tons of pictures, the disagreement that you are a geek (or that a geek is a bad thing, you choose), and then the top. A quote from "A Clockwork Orange." Oh it burns me up that I didn't think to do that earlier, as that is where my name comes from. Sadly I have not read the book, other than poetry I hate to read, but I have to get a different quote for my page now if that is okay.
Now onto the PT poem...I love how it rhymed and my favorite line is "you are just out of my reach...
you are wily and sly,
impossible to teach." I will be back.

Left-handed Trees... said...

"You beat and I follow..." this one leapt out at me as being the perfect descriptive image of how poetry feels. Wonderful.

Jon said...

This is fantastic. I read it aloud multiple times, and it sounded better each time. I agree with the comment by left-handed trees; my favorite part is:

you beat
and i follow.