Wednesday, November 01, 2006

too much candy=bad, bad dreams.

(picture taken by seven)
trick or treating is the only part
of halloween that i like....
i hate the hassles of having to
have costumes at the beginning of october
because the kids end up having to
get dressed up at least once a week
for some thing or another
and invariably, by the time we
get to the actual day of halloween
the costumes are missing peices
and we are scrambling to
put something together.

but the actual trick or treating,
that part i like,
especially on a night like last night...
the weather was gorgeously mild.

the funny thing was having to
explain at each house that
i was not a trick or treater,
i was the mom,
who was carrying the pillowcase
because it was too heavy
for the son who was exhausted
and just a little whiney...
one woman went so far as to do
a double take
and say "'re so young"
well...ok...if 36 is that young to
have a seven year old, heehee.

my husband got a great kick out of it,
especially when seven would call out
to him "another person thought mom
was a kid, dad!"

but about the bad dreams.
leaving my son at my old high school
by accident...trying to find him on
the highway...seeing a lion in a costume...
lion following me...walking into a strangers
house to get away from lion...older
couple having sex in living room...
man getting dressed, taking lion by
neck into basement and shooting him.

no more chocolate covered peanuts for me, please.


Deb R said...

That photo is scary, which I suppose means it's a perfect shot to accompany bad dreams. :-)

I'm not surprised at the comments you got. I think you look about 12 years old in the photo with the pigtails and freckles!! :-D

deirdre said...

Dreams have got to be the most bizarre, funny, unexplainable, scary things in existence. I've got a ton of candy left over today and, thankfully, there's not a bit of chocolate to be seen. I won't eat anything else. Hope tonights dreams are better.

Jana B said...

couple having sex in living room..."

Whew, yeah, that'd make me be careful what I ate before bed too!!!!! *traumitized by the image*

Anonymous said...

I wonder what freud would do with that one...huh...

Colorsonmymind said...

I have had this - sugar induced bad dreams. They are awful. I can also relate to the tedium of dressing my son up for multiple parties -leaving us with a tattered costume by Halloween. I still had fun trick or treating though:)