Thursday, November 30, 2006

poetry thursday

inside the walls of an angry mind.

the violence of the family
gathering, everyone's egos
bumping up against everyone else's
mixed signals
and here i sit afterwards
feeling tender and bruised
it hurts to press too hard
in spots and yet i keep
picking it
like a scab.

and you lay asleep on the couch.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I wasn't really prepared for this (probably just haven't visited your blog often enough)- powerful.

ecm said...

I like this take on the topic...the walls of the mind. well done.

Anonymous said...

It's great when a poem like this startles us into re-recognizing something that is very familiar but ignored, overlooked, or repressed. Great job at yanking back the covers on something that most of us can relate to!

Jessie said...

ouch. i understand all too well. this poems speaks clearly to all those tender spots.

madd said...

oh yes tis the season..remember what 'they' always said..don't pick, if you pick it, it will never heal and leave a scar..thanks for sharing..m

Anonymous said...

this is a precise and real poem. love the last line. very nice

Bice Sagan said...

egos bumping up against intentions. Nice.

krista said...

That last line rings so true for me. I remember in a past relationship that I had that was riddled with crisis and dramatic fighting episodes, the worst part about it was that he could just walk away and fall asleep.


acumamakiki said...

incredible girlfriend. i love your poetry, truly.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful...especially the line about everyone's egos bumping up against everyone else's inentions

slynne said...

Thanks for sharing this intriguing poem!