Thursday, July 20, 2006

sexy poetry thursday...

i don't talk about sex.
i cringe when others do.
i am bad at that kind of thing...
it has to be forced from my psyche,
wrenched out of my fist,
pried from my catholic upbringing...


this was written
the night we met...
don't judge me.

july 17/94

furious with wanting you
to possess you
encompass you
grinding my teeth
nails clenched in my hand
your sweat stinging my eyes
salt on salt
i beg to understand
the anger
the bitterness
i taste smoke on your fingers
smell the scent of it
on my own hand
tidal wave anger
breaks me down

(the anger has nothing to do with the person
in the poem other than to say he was
indirectly in the path of it, but never the
cause of it)

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Senor Cheeseburger said...

Here's one of mine:

I stab the white bread
Furious anger at wheat bread
But rye, sweet rye,
Rye bread knows what love is
Turkey on rye
Angels fly in the sky

hope you liked it,
you can see more, including pictures of Jessica Simpson at my totally awesome blog


la vie en rose said...

hot, Hot, HOT!!!

no judgement here my friend. and just to let you know i attempted one this week that i'll be posting tonight and i feel the same thing--it's WAY out of my comfort zone and i'm hoping readers will be gentle with me.

Deb R said...

Not only do I think the poem is way cool, I also think your first paragraph where you talk about your discomfort with the topic reads like the beginning of a poem!

Great post!

pepektheassassin said...

Nicely done, with lots of sensory images!

bb said...

hey - I was brought up catholic and v. repressed about sex, but it can be gotten over!

intriguing tension in the poem between anger and desire. well done!

wendylou who? said...

I amcatholic too....and i can be a dirty little slut...sometimes.
very nice

acumamakiki said...

Never a judgement. You write beautifully and I hope you're proud of this gem.

Colorsonmymind said...

I am pretty much the same. Congrats for writing on theme-I had to avoid it all together because I just didn't have it in me to process it all:)

krista said...

I love your poetry. Always. It has a certain aura to it that is raw, and that I understand and can relate too prefectly. No judgement at all. Honesty is admirable, and so is your expression.

Madeleine said...

the passion is pouring off the page here....fantastic and definitely no judgement.

loved it :)

Sarah e.Smith said...

This is such a passionate and steamy poem.....wonderfully written :)

liz elayne said...

i love that this poem makes me want to know more...yet i also feel the need to give the poet ( poet) space to feel all of this...

so much passion here...
bravo for posting about sex my dear.

Bridget said...

The feeling in this poem is unreal. Tangible. Very good job-you mastered an uncomfortable subject. I'm proud of you!

GreenishLady said...

I didn't post on the topic this week, mostly because because I was busy that day, but also, could relate to your discomfort. It's not that I haven't written about it, but somehow, posting on the internet? I couldn't make the leap just yet. Well done. ... And that is a great poem.

Letha Sandison said...

I love that you shared your own words, BRAVO!!!! This is a wonderful poem. I hope to read many more by you!!

I didn't share aa sex poem either :)

Jessie said...

I had to laugh when I read: "please, don't judge me." The poem is a lot better than I think you realize!

I've never done poetry thursday, but this week's prompt was definately a difficult one! I wonder what would happen if everyone just started writing totally (COMPELETLY) candidly about sex....

I foresee a future reality show coming out of this...(I don't suppose it would include poetry though!) haha!
sensory detail of smoke on fingers...

Jessie said...

hey--my comment got garbled and cut off for some reason. weird. anyway, what I was trying to say in that last part is that I love the sensory detail of the smoke on fingers. it's very immediate and real.

Bohemian Girl said...


Frankie said...

This is so passionate and full of energy and life. I love it.

mariannealice said...

wow...just wow....takes me right back to one of the loves/lusts of my life....sigh...thanks for the nailed it!