Friday, June 09, 2006

lists and books all in one post?

sound too good to be true?
its not...
cause i'm doing it
right here, right now...

borrowed loosely from

here goes:

like acumamakiki, i had trouble picking
"influential" books and chose to do my

three all time favorites instead...

-Fall On Your Knees by Anne-Marie MacDonald...
a book that made me gasp, made me sigh,
made me angry, made me cry, made me have
to find it in hardcover so i could own the option
of reading it whenever i wanted.

-The Piano Mans Daughter by Timothy Findley...
i don't plan picking Canadian authors, it just happens.
this book had me bawling behind the counter at the
store i worked at while reading it...

-Rapture of Canaan by Sheri Reynolds...
i don't own this book and it has been a long time
since i read it but it sticks in my memory as being
a book that i wanted to share, i wanted to force
everyone i met to read it and share my feelings
for it.

three books read more than once

-anne of green gables...heh...i knew parts of
that off by heart when i was kid and even
now if i pick it up, i get easily caught up
in the story again.

-fall on your was too good not
to read over and over

-the witching hour by anne rice...

three books that were supposed to be great
that i actually hated...

-the celestine prophecy
-the historian...i didn't hate it...but i didn't love it
and i did hate the fact that i was so psyched for it
and it fell short of my expectations
-catcher in the rye...i don't know why i hated it
as badly as i did but i did hate it...with venom.

three books just for pleasure that i have read...

-summer sisters by judy blume
-king con by stephen j cannell
-and then most of my "light" reading gets filled
with my magazine addiction

three books i should have read long ago
because i have had them on my list forever...
(a little alteration on my part)

-one hundred years of solitude -marquez
-war and peace - tolstoy
-the uses of enchantment- bruno bettelheim

and since i never seem to buy any books,
i had to adjust this one, too, to be
last three books i have read (rather than bought)

-the english patient by micheal ondaatje
-secret life of bees by sue monk kidd
-mermaid chair by sue monk kidd

and one last thing...the book i am reading
right now is the private voice by peter gzowski

i had big plans on some major linkage
but...holy...thats alot of linking and
so my momentum kind of said never mind.


bee said...

my momentum says never mind frequently.

Frankie said...

YAY! Your blog looks beautiful, your book reccommendations are wonderful and it's so lovely to be back here! Thanks for all this!!! xoxo

acumamakiki said...

Did you like the English Patient? I loved that one. Haven't read Mermaid Chair but was given it recently.....a great list!!

Deb R said...

I enjoyed reading your list! Lists + Books = Good Thing!

Letha Sandison said...

I hated the Catcher in the Rye too! I wanted to slap Holden Caufield...or at least choke him a bit :)

I think if you read that book after your teens, you've missed the window.

Heather said...

That's funny, I just was going to start reading 100 years of solitude today because I started it a long time ago, never finished it, and have been thinking about doing it forever.

la vie en rose said...

you know i love me a book post!!! i'm all about it.

oh, and about 100 years of's not all took me several attempts to even get that thing finished...

Bohemian Girl said...

i love anne of green gables so much.

i now have a new list of books to read. thank you for that!!

ps. i adored your secret. you are not a are outrageously adorable. xoxoxo

Jessie said...

oooh--i love lists...and especially book lists!

when i traveled in india i kept a list of all the books i read while i was there. i read something like 100 books in 9 months! can you imagine?? oh man, i wish i still had that kind of time!

have you ever read Bee Season? i saw it at a used book store a couple days ago and for some reason thought of you. i haven't read it yet myself--but i want to! geez, i'm still trying to get to the Secret Life of Bees...only one bee book at a time!