Friday, May 19, 2006

i'll have a poetry thursday/grateful friday combo, please...

first of all,
a generous helping of poetry thursday...

this will take you to
the first poem
i ever fell in love with.

i was in grade 5 or 6.
this poem was in one of texts
that we didn't have to read
but being the geek that i am proud to be,
i usually read all of my literature-type texts
from cover to cover...

i used to sit on the floor in the upstairs hallway
and read this out loud
in the most dramatic of voices.
in my head, i still read it the same way.

and finally, some gratitude for a
sweet dessert--
  • a new mary engelbreit magazine waiting to be read
  • my mom's confirmation that what i wrote in her
    mother's day card did indeed make her cry a little
    (mission accomplished, heh heh)*
  • canned diet coke
  • the hippies won!!!!
  • mojo lost (heeheeheehee)(i despised mojo)
  • this version of somewhere over the rainbow,
    thank you, liz, for sharing this :)
  • freezie season!!!
  • the freedom to stay home guilt-free which i
    have already gushed about
  • memoirs of a geisha, which i watched last night
    and loved...i could not stop staring at the main
    character, she was that beautiful.
*just to clarify...i love my mom...i didn't make her cry
out of spite...just out of sweetness...heehee


Bohemian Girl said...

fun, fun list.

so sweet that your mom welled up with tears of joy. mission accomplished indeedy!!


Deb R said...

I can't decide if that poem is morbid, romantic, or both! :-D

Love your list!

paris parfait said...

I remember The Highwayman from school. Nice list and how sweet that your mom was pleased!

bluepaul said...
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gkgirl said...



la vie en rose said...

i haven't read the highwayman in years. i don't blame you for linking it instead of trying to type it all out..heehee...

love all the gratitude. i enjoyed memoirs of a geisha too. it was such a beautiful, beautiful movie. i wanted to crawl inside of it and just be in all that beauty.

acumamakiki said...

I'll have to rent Geisha, I loved the book many years ago when I read it.

liz elayne said...

poetry and gratitude...what more could a girl want.

what is freezie season? please translate.

and i am glad you are loving that iz song. he warms my heart with his sweet, gentle voice.

kelly said...

that rendition of somewhere over the rainbow is my absolute favorite. i have the cd on my amazon wish list. when dr. green died off of er. that was the final song and i searched all over for it.

bluepaul said...
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