Saturday, May 06, 2006

4 am grateful friday/saturday....

it is four o'clock in the morning.
i am now writing my grateful friday...
bear with me
as i may not make
a lot of sense.

-the safe arrival of my newest nephew, logan!
-snapping random pictures while driving and the surprise
of them when we get home...this one i particularly like
because it looks so gritty and blue.
-so far three successful interesting days of IBI therapy training
under my belt...and so far it is making sense to me.
-nana's house where the kids have gone to visit for the weekend
-having my husband all to myself for the weekend
-this cool new step for poetry thursday
-knowing that sofia and her family finally received their mini-swap package
from us...hurray! i hope they liked it :)
-other people's grateful fridays...
-inspiration that makes me so excited!
-the fact that i have been blogging for over a year
and i just figured out what permalink

5:18 am.
the sky is dusky and light.
the house is silent.
no cars on my street.
my bed is calling.

edited to say...check out my sunday scribblings...
if you don't halfta...i'm not gonna be hurt...
well, not that hurt...heh heh this getting old yet?


DayByDay4-2Day said...

you did great.
My kids call my mom Nana too!

Jeanne said...

Sofia loves it, all of it! The mini-markers are especially cool. I thought they were crayons, but they are (in her opinion too) much better! I still need to post a pic of it on flickr.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Interesting snapshots throughout; like the grateful thoughts...
a thought: there is a site for snapshots taken out of car windows called "windscreen"; they post the picture on thier site and send you a link

acumamakiki said...

The shot and words are lovely. Early morning is my favorite time of day.

la vie en rose said...

it took me awhile to get the permalink thing too...don't feel too bad

Bohemian Girl said...

is permalink the same thing as hyperlink?

come on...we're geeks, we should know this! *smile*

you sound so happy!! yeah!!

liz elayne said...

i love coming here and seeing your new look again (i need to change your blog name on my sidebar!).
and your much fun! i love this idea of the pictures while driving and the surprise of what you have taken.

did you go to bed at 5:18? or did you have insomnia? hope you got some sleep my dear!