Friday, April 14, 2006

grateful friday and a contest...


so...first a contest. is having a contest called whiplash.

this week's challenge is called everyday creativity.
i made this blanket last night for my sister in law's baby shower
and thought that maybe i would enter it in the contest...
purely out of curiousity, of course.

i made this blanket before
but i cut the edges and tied them
to make a fringe
and sadly, it made the blanket
too small for my liking...

this time, i put batting inside and
tried to quilt it, kind of, i think....

this is how the back of it looked...

this was the homemade cross-stitch tag attached...

and a glimpse of the accompanying card...

and on the grateful friday side:
-a lent-to-me copy of "secret life of bees"
-the ownership of my magic-always-makes-me-feel-good-about-me jeans
-a baby shower full of laughter and fun and meeting new people
-a day off
-a husband's sweet support for my change of career
-an anticipated night out tomorrow night, even if it is only until 10:30

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