Friday, April 21, 2006

an extra special grateful friday!

grateful friday...
a list.

-today is the last day of the job that i am currently doing,
but not-so-much loving anymore. i know i have said that
this change scares me, but today...i just feel
liberated. lighter. like i made the right choice.

-the capri pants my mom got me for easter
fit perfectly...hurrah!

-being surprised (truly, which does not happen often)
by my husband last night who picked up my favorite
chinese take-out for supper....mmmmmm.

-starting "a secret life of bees" and loving it!

-my absolute favorite-ist team was not eliminated
on amazing race!

-knowing i will not have to worry anymore about
one of the children i look after filling my son in
on any more "information" as he has been,
such as "bad people go to hell" and what
the naked woman looked like on the poster he saw
at his friends house...and the word sex...

-after my husband's initial voiced concern over
whether or not i should change my career or not
at this point, he has turned a full 180 degrees.
he knows i can't do what i am doing any longer
and is completely behind me in this...
and i don't have to tell you
how much that helps.

-finding these links and sites which inspired
me (along with knowing that i will soon have
more time for me again!) to do this:

what i plan to do next week and b-e-y-o-n-d!!!!

finish the pink and white knit blanket i have been working on
- finish up 2nd surly cross stitch bookmark for best friend
- look up recipes for chinese food and try them!
- blog, blog, blog, blog :)
- paint two pictures for sister in laws baby in a twinkle twinkle little
star kind of theme
- plan my garden, plant my garden
- plan my flower beds, plant my flower beds
- make up 2 more blue fleece quilts for upcoming babies due
- cut up/recycle all clothing currently sitting in plastic garbage
- finish the apron i started in gray plaid material
- work on playing with/experimenting with html book my
brother lent me
- start book of dreams with artsy mama's blog
- mail cds that i made months ago for michelle and liz elayne
- make lullaby cds to go with other gifts for upcoming babies
and artwork for the covers
- read secret life of bees
- declutter my house
- learn how to crochet
- look up recipes for slow cooker and try them
- knit a bear the same as the polar bear but in brown
- finish the last chapter of the artists way that i never did
get to with the blogging the artist way group

and sooooo much more...
yayayyyyayayayayayayayayyay...i'm so excited

(as i was typing this...the sun came out...hopefully
a sign of things to come)
edited to say i have just seen this and
i could not be MORE excited about a movie

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