Saturday, March 11, 2006

a day late and a dollar short...

artist-in-residence: "six", the boy wonder.

i seem to be on a trend this week
of being a day behind...
poetry thursday became poetry friday...

grateful friday morphs into grateful saturday...

-an impromtu trip to the "home show"
for the first time as
actual home-owners...i didn't feel like a poser
going around looking at information...
i AM a HOMEOWNER, (finally), hear me roar.

-all the sweet comments about my monkey-cell-phone-holder
and bohemian girl's kind challenge to make a golden retreiver one.

-my brother bringing home a baby bumblebee...
no, was a case of canned diet coke...pure luxury :)

-when ten got sick last night, she only threw up once
on the floor...the rest of the night, she made it to the
proper vomiting a negative turned into a

-a trip to micheals craft store resulting in some new yarn,
some ribbon that is so cute-sy, i had a hard time not eating it,
and some rubber stamps

-dyed my hair a slightly more fiery version of the red i normally
use (although my hair is actually black, i just use the red to
get rid of the gray..) and it turned out better than i expected.

-a two hour phone call with a long time (elementary school)
best friend...

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