Saturday, January 28, 2006

bloody rotten hell...julia cameron is making me cross...


i just read the chapter for week four of artists way
and it is
(are you ready for this?)
(cause i certainly was not)
reading. deprivation. WEEK.
week? week. week?? week.
w e e k.
weak is how i feel.
i work at home. with kids. at home. all kids.
and me. at home. all the time.
and they cry. and they fight.
and they puke all over themselves.
and they have stinky pampers that
occasionally go RIGHT up their backs.
and they pick their noses. often.
and they have runny noses. constantly.

i need support. i need to read.
i love to read. i need to read blogs, if nothing else.
if i don't read blogs for a whole week,
i am going to be soooo behind, i will have to
take the whole next week off just to catch up. lost daydreaming about the concept of
a week off...heh heh.

so...heres the thing...ya think all you people on my left-->
(or is it my right, i always get confused) know what i mean...could you all
podcast your blogs this week and send them to me
and i'll train the kids to open them for me
and then i can just listen and know that there
is life out there, in the great beyond, beyond
the walls of stinky pampers and thick green mucus?

just thought i would ask.

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