Wednesday, January 11, 2006

5 lives?

if i had 5 lives
to lead
what would i
to be?

a teacher of some sort--kindergarden, elementary, something respected
and yet, fun...ideally, i would like to teach the ECCE program in my area

animator--or a person that colors in the animations...i would LOVE to get
paid to color for a living

driver of heavy machinery--like something that has a crane or a boom or
a big metal swinging ball on it :)
an author of children's books

a renowned critic/reviewer of books so that i could get FREE books sent
to me...sigh...

things i can do this week in order to be "doing" one of these?

i could work with my kids on themes, planning and hone up my childcare
business. i could join my local ECDA. i could do this one really, i have
the qualifications, i would just need the iniatitive and the sense of security
that this IS the path i want to take...

i could color...i love to color...i could buy myself a box of NEW crayons,
a box of 96 crayons...did you know they come in 96's now...not just 64's
i'm getting breathless just thinking about it, heehee

hmmmm...heavy machinery is a hard one....i don't even have a driver's
license, heh heh.

children's book...i guess i could just jump right in and write one....its not
like i don't have enough kids around of varying ages to be a test

review books? i guess i could review what i already read...heh...not like
i don't do that anyway...heehee

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