Wednesday, December 28, 2005

unexpected beauty

i woke up this morning and it was cold
and i didn't want to get out of the blankets...
my hair looks like hell and i don't have time to
have a shower and where is the damn brush?
coming down the stairs, i notice out the window
that the neighbors have their compost cart out...
which means today is wednesday, which means
i have to drag that damn cart out there NOW
because if they come and it's not out,
i will have to wait two weeks for the already
overflowing bin to be emptied
so i stomp around the house trying to find
boots, socks, mittens, hat, and coat
and in my stomping, i find the
that the dog so kindly left by the door...
damn, damn, double damn it...

then i finally get outside
it's beautiful...its crisp but not too cold
the sky is still holding onto faint wisps of pink
around its borders
and the english hawthorne tree in my front yard
literally takes my breath away for a moment...

and suddenly, i'm not so cranky
and likely to kick the dog as i pass him,
and the fact that i have to kick the snow away
from the driveway so i can stand the heavy
compost cart up without it tipping over on me
doesn't bother me that much
because all i can think about is
should i get the camera?
should i take a picture?
will it convey what i see right now?
will it convey what i feel right now?
will it remind me through the day to be calm
and breathe and let go?
will it inspire anyone else or change their day
as it did for me?

so i took the pictures.

and if you are still not inspired and haven't seen this yet,
go and watch it...i watched it at least 3 times a day
since i watched it the first time...amazing.

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