Sunday, December 04, 2005

tough talker???

here is where we find out whether or not
mommy really means it when she says
that he will wear the glasses
and he will wear the patch
whether he wants to or not
because its for the good of his eyes
or whether mommy is actually more a
then she would normally like to admit...

he hates the glasses.

not because of the glasses,
but because he can't see with them on
which i wasn't expecting...he says my two fingers
look like four
and four looks like eight...
he can't see the tv no matter where he is at...
i expected this when we put the patch on,
but this is without the patch...
i am thinking about waiting until monday
and then calling to make sure this is the reaction
we should be seeing just in case something is not right
with the prescription....

i am also having second thoughts.

what if we put him through this
only to find out its not only not going to work
but it causes his bad eye to turn inwards
which the doctor said it might...

i love being a parent, but
i hate these kinds of life-changing decisions.

by the way, he is laughing at my hair in both
these pictures. he said he couldn't see it clearly
but even blurrily seen, it was fairly funny.

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