Friday, December 09, 2005

if i had a million la la

if i had a million dollars
i'd buy a green dress
but not a real green dress...
thats cruel...


i will never get tired of that song.

i was inspired by this wish list
enough to make me do my own...

so...if i had a million dollars...this is what i would buy:

  • this...because i soooo loved a million little pieces
  • this...because i adore her and always have...i consistently find myself living within her words
  • this and this and this, because although i don't plan it, i am always struck by canadian writers...
  • since the learning-to-knit, wanting-to-scrapbook, longing to learn-to-crochet stage has
    hit me, i have found books such as this, and this, and this
Turn up the Radio:

I feel pretty, oh-so-pretty:

Got DVD??

and i would love to add more,
cause i don't think that added up to a million dollars yet,
but the rugrats are stirring (not to mention, stinky)
and so i need to go...

pamper-girl off to the rescue...


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