Monday, November 21, 2005

night visits...

I had a dream about her last night,
as clear as day,
as clear as a bell.

And we were so happy to see each other,
at my mom and dads, standing in the kitchen,
and we hugged and laughed and cried
and hugged and laughed.

It was so real.
So damn real.
It's like what would really happen
if we did really see each other was just like seeing her.

It makes you wonder
(especially since it was so clear and vivid)
is it just in my head?
or is there something else to it?

Whatever it is, I don't want to question it,
I don't want it to stop.
I will take what I can get of seeing her again,
and hugging her,
and making her laugh.

But waking up is hard.

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