Wednesday, November 16, 2005

doctor number three...


faithful readers will know that we have gone
to one eye doctor who told us our six year old
son has a lazy eye and practically no vision
in it and that it may be too late to do anything
to correct it....i left that appointment crying.

last week, we had our 2nd appointment
with an eye doctor who downplayed the
whole thing and said six will probably
need to patch his good eye so that it will
force his brain to use his bad eye and
strengthen it, but that its no big deal.
we left that appointment breathing a huge
sigh of relief.

well, today was the third appointment
with the specialist. six will have to wear
glasses that have one lens hugely thicker
than the other. he will have to wear the
patch as mentioned....full time.
no breaks.
all the time.
and because his sight is so bad
in the bad eye, the eye dr. is referring
his case to an organization that will
provide an EA for him during school time
(educational assistant)
because he is going to need that much support.

i feel a little ill at this point.

however, the doctor does think that it is not a lost
and that he will be able to regain a good deal of his
eyesight in that eye...
i am worried now mainly because of how i think
this is going to be on a child...
as a child who is going to look different from the
other kids in his class....

if it comes down to it, that he is having a really really
rough time at school because of it, i will pull him out
for a month if i have to...i will not see him miserable...
i won't be able to...

sigh...i know that things could be worse,
so much worse and i am grateful for that,
i really, really am
but i need time to process these things...

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