Tuesday, October 11, 2005

happy belated turkey day

we had a great thanksgiving...
a family so big we had to put the kitchen
table together with the dining room table
in order to seat everyone
and still the kids old enough to eat on their own
had to sit at the coffee table
but everyone was full, happy and
a part of the day...
ages ranged from a baby in the belly
to the 60 year old patriarch
at the head of the table...

on an unrelated note...
i finished reading the oprah book
i mentioned before
"a million little peices"
by james frey
and i LOVED it...
two of my sister in laws and a best friend
and i have decided to form a book "swap"
of sorts and each buy one book a month
and let each other read it...
this was my book for the month
and i can't wait for the others to read it...
i loved it...
the writing is very sparse and bare
and real...
you should read it.

watch the movie "dear frankie"
if you want a good sweet make-you-cry
on-many-different-levels kind of movie...
"the upside of anger"
i don't like kevin costner but i love joan allen
(and kevin was not so bad in this one)
(i will grudgingly admit)
its funny/dark if you like that kind of thing
and i definately do...

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