Tuesday, August 09, 2005

potato pan fries...

last night i made my kids
potato pan fries
which are simply potatoes cut into slices
and then
(and no, i didn't boil them in water to any of you
who read my previous post about thinking that
was how you deepfried something...)
and i felt that i was passing something down,
handing them a crispy memory on a plate...

my dad came from a family with 12 kids
there wasn't alot of money
and things were tough...
potatoes were cheap
and easily-found-enough-to-be-free
they ate potatoes...
one way that they ate them was to have potato pan fries
and because there were so many kids
they would grease the top of the old woodstove
and cook them right on that,
no frying pan was big enough to make enough for 12 kids...

when i was a kid, my mom would go to bingo
and my dad would stay home and have a couple of beers
and babysit
(hey...they also didn't use carseats or seatbelts...just laid the baby on the backseat)
as soon as she left
we would beg my dad to make panfries
and he would and as he did, he would tell us the stories
of his mom making them panfries
as i told my kids the stories of my dad making us panfries
last night...

which is nothing compared to the story
of how my dad made popcorn...

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