Friday, June 10, 2005

i'm wondering...

why am i letting this bother me so much?
am i being defensive?
and if i am,
but its friday night and i should be happy
and i keep telling myself
to let this incident
(which really should be a minor irritation
and not a huge deal)
go and think positive and be the bigger person
then i catch myself thinking "i should have said..."
or "yeah...ok...i'll do it your way but..."
and well...
sort of obsessing about it

and then i think about chickadees blog
that i read today and her post about her friend
that she outgrew
and how i answered her saying that my theory was that certain people
came into your life at certain times to fill a specific need
but once that was filled
you tend to move away from each other
and i'm wondering
should i have been listening to my own advice...
have i outgrown this person?
or is it the dynamics of the current situation that are making me think this?
if it had been anyone else saying the same thing to me
would i have shrugged it off as being irritating but not worth
my getting upset about?
who knows

it possibly could be all the stress we are currently under
with the renovations
and the moving
and the money oh the bloody fucking money
who knows...

but it fucked up my friday thats for sure

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