Thursday, May 12, 2005

guilty by admission

i am a list keeper
i can't help it
i am what i am

i started keeping my "serious" lists
when i was pregnant for emma almost
(good god)
ten years ago...
i was going through a little bit of a rough patch
to say the least
lets just say i was 24, pregnant and found out my boyfriend of 2 months
and father of my child was going to jail for possibly two years
heh heh heh
i moved out to the country where my parents live
and became a list keeper...
i painstakingly cut up a spiderman comic and carefully glued the pictures onto a
"red book of power" as i christened it
that became my book of lists

here is a list (heh heh)
of the lists that i keep:

what i want to read up on
children's lit/classics
movies i want to see
women authors
canadian authors
cds i want
books i have read since (christmas, we moved here, i started new job, etc)
music to check into
i swear i will never (hahaha)
references in certain books that i wanted to check into further (anne rice bio, sylvia plath, leonard cohen etc)
i want to own
all works of specific authors (dh lawrence, margaret atwood, timothy findley etc)
(this is a goooood one and dates the book haha) movies i have watched on our NEW vcr hahahahaha
places i want to go
to do
i want
gardening books
good choices for bucket gardens (?????)
for emma jayne
things i want/need/would like to have
essentials for house
what i need to do
ask the health nurse
gifts for emma jayne
absolute favorite songs
strong words
today i feel
baby names narrowed down
favorite lyrics
important to me
and last but not least...a cryptic heading of "remember"
underlined twice

so thats me in a nutshell
a list keeper

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