Saturday, April 30, 2005

seven more days seven more days seven more day seven more days

in seven more days
either our lives will become ever so enriched
and we will have joined the ranks in the land of the grown ups
finally after ten years of rejection and frustration and tears
in seven more days
we will be shattered once more
only this time
will be much crueler than any other time
because they will have actually have let us beleive for the last 2 weeks
that it was a distinct possibility that
we would actually
get it
this time....
case in point:
my husband drove by the house today
(the house we are proposing to buy and have been approved for financing on)
and there was a SOLD sign on it
well YAY if the sold sign means us
and...well, i'm not really quite sure what to say
if the sold sign is not meant for us
except that my next entry will probably be from the mental ward of my local hospital
for i will surely snap
and crack
and pop...
rice crispies...

oh...and all of my snap crackling and popping will probably
be aimed
at ms fucking-up-my-life-i-know-it-was-our-own-fault-but-i-don't-care-mcgregor
heh heh

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