Friday, April 15, 2005

and tell him we have some GOOD news....

shut up
you rotten bitch...
christ i hate that woman...
so the collection agency woman calls
and is unbelievably friendly and sweet
and asks for my husband
and so i tell her that he is not here
and she practically gushes into the phone to tell him
that she has some GOOD NEWS for him
that we are allowed to give you three thousand dollars instead of 2500?
oh please oh please can we can we?????
so anyway, we are waiting to hear back from mortgage company now
they didn't specify on list of conditions that the student loan even HAD to be paid
we just had to submit a letter telling why we fell behind
(enter stage left, fucking cold hearted collection agency wench...)
and to all of you who think that we should be happy to pay 3000 instead of our owed amount
we've paid more than that in interest anyway over the course of the
last TEN years so whatever...
its going to be a loooooonnnnngggg weekend tho
while we wait for
the response from the mortgage company
*internally begging for a quick and positive response*

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